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Ms. Q's 2023 Summer Take Aways

How I spent my time...

I got a cabinet for free on Facebook Marketplace.  It had some water damage and scratches, so I sanded it down, grouted and tiled the top of it, added new drawer and door pulls, and replaced the hinges.  It is now the most beautiful coffee and tea bar a teacher could ask for.

Feeling proud of myself and also slowly increasing the size of my tool shed so I can do bigger and better things.  Soon... a catio for my lovelies :)

I spent two weeks in Washington with my sister, brother-in-law and adorable sassy-pants niece.  I did lots of hiking in the earlier part of the summer, including in Mt. Rainier National Park in WA.  It was so beautiful.  Sadly, before my trip back home, I injured my ankle and have not been able to hike since the last week in July.  

So when I returned home, I did a lot of reading in my hammock, playing with my kitties and my landlord's turtle (who hangs out in my garden), oh yeah, gardening (lots of tomatoes), and then finally in the beginning of August, I invested in a rowing machine so I could get some exercise--since hiking and anything on my feet wasn't going to happen any time soon.  Best investment!  I love it!

What I learned and how I'm going to apply it this year...

This summer, I learned that I push so hard during the school year, that I don't always take the best care of myself.  I found la lot of time during my break to care for myself, but more importantly, I learned small things that I can incorporate into my daily life--even in the business of a teaching year--that will make me able to be more present and healthy.

Despite my injury, I have found great peace in a routine of exercise--as a tool to help with stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as the obvious physical benefits.

I have also been reminded the importance of finding balance and rest.  So please forgive me, students and parents.  When I am doing less sometimes, it is so I can do better:  Addition by Subtraction.

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