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Fun Facts:

i.e. I love Avocados

Instruments I Play:

In order from most skill to least: 

  • French Horn

  • Saxophone

  • Trumpet

  • Voice

  • Clarinet/Bass Clarinet

  • Flute

  • Ukulele

  • Percussion

  • Piano

  • Trombone

  • Euphonium

  • Guitar

  • Violin

  • Cello

  • Tuba

  • Bass

  • Viola

Favorite Music Genre(s):

It really depends on my mood: 

  • Bossa Nova when I'm just chilling on my balcony, drinking coffee, and taking in the view.

  • "Classical" (Orchestral) when I'm feeling geeky, wanting to play my horn but can't, or feel anxious and need to calm down.  Depending on the composer:  I like falling asleep to Debussy and/or Ravel.

  • Classic (70s) Rock when I need to decompress, or want to party.

  • Cuban, Puerto Rican, or Salsa music when I'm feeling active (cleaning, cooking, dancing).

  • Latin & American Folk Music when I'm feeling nostalgic or a little melancholy.

  • Jazz & Blues when I'm driving, painting, or thinking of my Dad.

Places I've Visited:

  • Arizona (Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, Phoenix, Chandler)

  • Colorado (Mesa Verde, Rockies, Durango, Silverton, Colorado Springs.

  • France (Paris, Chantilly, Versailles)

  • Illinois (Chicago)

  • Louisiana (New Orleans)

  • Michigan (Farmington Hills)

  • Nevada (Las Vegas, Red Rock, Reno, Tahoe)

  • Ohio (Cleveland, Chagrin Falls)

  • Oregon (Noti, Eugene, Tillamook, Portland)

  • Utah (St. George)

  • Washington (Mill Creek, Seattle, Snohomish, Deception Pass, Mt. Rainier National Park)

Places I've Performed

Narrowed Down to the Coolest

  • Preservation Hall (in New Orleans):  I got to play with my Dixieland Band and the real Preservation Hall Band.  The Piano player was 99 years old and blind, and could play with more soul than I had ever heard.

  • Disney Concert Hall (twice!)  once with the LAYO and again with Riverside City College Wind Ensemble.DisneyDWin

  • Jackson Square (also New Orleans):  Musicians Busk EVERYWHERE here!  I also got to watch the famous Doreen play clarinet there.  Her notes cut through me like a knife!

  • Champs Elysées (the famous boulevard in Paris):  I marched down it in a parade block in the rain.

  • Chantilly  (a small cobblestone village outside of Paris):  this was the day after the other parade.  The rain had saturated everything.  It was freezing and our instruments were colder yet.  We marched on the uneven cobblestone (trying to keep from tripping), and then the cobblestone ended and the white, sticky and icy mud took over.  Our shoes got stuck in the mud and our uniforms were in desperate need of washing.  But then the parade ended at a really cool chateau (built by a mad man).



  • Kayaking

  • Rowing

  • Painting

  • Cooking

  • Gardening

  • Camping

  • Hiking

  • Playing Ukulele

  • Going to the Batting Cages

    • I used to be a softball pitcher before I had to choose between the sport and music.

  • Playing the role of "Fun Auntie" to these adorable babies :)

  • Cosplaying for Midnight Shows (but it's been a long time since I got to dress up like this).

Me as Professor McGonagall
My Sister & Her Hubby as Voldemort & Bellatrix

Fur Babies:

From Childhood until Present  

  • Diablo:  Husky - I don't remember him very well, but he was named for the mischief in his eyes and it turned out to be quite the abt name for him. 

  • Katchka:  Husky - Diablo's Daughter.

  • Sandy:  Corgi-Cocker mut whose long body would always get stuck in fox holes in the field by our house.

  • Muk-Luk:  Timberwolf-Malamute named after his spotted boots.  He was my protector who always slept on my sleeping bag on camping trips.  Strangely, he was afraid of my softball cleats, roller skates, my clarinet, fireworks, and thunder.  

  • Harpo:  Akita-Malamute mix, and the first pet I got to name; I named him after Harpo Marx because he was so goofy.

  • D.C.:  black cat named by my allergic mom as "Damn Cat".

  • Tabby:  feral tabby cat, who moved into our garage and gave my dad the need of stitches when he tried to catch her to take her to the vet.

  • Bellatrix:  black cat, who adopted us and earned the nickname "toothless" because she acted like the dragon of the same name.

  • Smokey Joe:  my sister's very very fat Russian Blue cat who panics when she sees a sliver of the bottom of her food dish.

  • Hunter:  the cat who changed it all!  I was never a "cat person" and always preferred dogs before he chose me.  I lost Hunter in May of 2022 and forever left a Hunter-sized hole in my heart.  

  • Opal-Anne (aka: Night Fury):   She joined my family in August of 2021, just before the school year began.  I hoped she would keep Hunter company when I returned to school.  They're getting along pretty well so far and she's so fun to watch!  Who needs TV when you have the Adventures of Hunter and Opal to watch!?

  • Iñigo (Montoya):  This lovable buff tabby joined my family shortly after Hunter crossed the rainbow bridge, to keep Opal company.  He is such a sweetheart and quite the chonk weighing in around 13 pounds!  He and Opal are now the best of friends and I look forward to seeing them at the end of every school day :)

Hunter  (if I fits, I sits)
Hunter  (my purrito)
Smokey Joe
Hunter  (Mr. Cuddles)
Opal  (still for an instant)
Iñigo (in his favorite pose)
Opal & Iñigo (best friends)
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