Ms. Juliana Quiñones

Pronounced:  keen-yo-ness

(she / her)


I live in beautiful San Clemente and have been teaching music at Sage Creek High School for since 2016.  It is truly my home away from home.  So much so, that students might even think I live there sometimes!  ;)

I teach because I love it and because I truly believe that today's students have the potential and the power to make positive change in our world.  I am an advocate for music and arts education.  In addition to helping us tremendously to cope and process difficult times in our lives, they are imperative to helping students build the skills that will make them creative, collaborative, empathetic, methodical, and will give them perseverance in pursuing anything they wish to achieve.  

I have created this website so that you can better know me and feel comfortable coming to me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions during these crazy times.  Feel free to explore this site to learn about my teaching experience, education, and fun facts.  I look forward to meeting you all virtually, and (hopefully soon) in person!  

Stay Healthy & Safe!